Announcement from CEO David Schmidt
Dear LifeWave Family Members,

We are proud to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has informed us that our application filed on X39 has been allowed! 

This means we will now have an official USA Patent for the intellectual property governing X39. This is the first patent in a series of patents protecting X39 here in the United States as well as globally.
LifeWave commits an extraordinary amount of financial funding to the process of research, development and intellectual-property protection. This dedication to the research process ultimately provides us with unique,

patented products available exclusively to LifeWave members.

We are very appreciative that the USPTO has recognized the uniqueness of our X39 technology. This patent will protect our rights to manufacture X39 for the next twenty years without competition.

With warm regards,
David Schmidt
LifeWave CEO